Monday, March 1, 2010

The questions of social media

As someone who experiments in various fields of social media: facebook, twitter, blogging, RSS feeds, and web authoring, not to email and texting, I often catch myself indulging in the constipation of multi-tasking. I can spend hours planning and preparing, learning and reading on the internet, and then find myself having nothing accomplished. It's not just a matter of checking off boxes, its a matter of accomplishing goals that lead to fulfilling a priority.

This front line episode explores a few questions.

FRONTLINE: digital nation: watch the full program | PBS

What is happening to the skill and ability of students at the university level who multi task?

What happens in the brain of multi-taskers?

What does the fact that those who text message while driving are 23 times more likely to have an accident say about productivity and success in life for those who multi task excessively?

Is the vast social network and social web just the next evolution of our species? (Just like moving from oral tradition to the written word?)

Can virtual experiences change us in non-virtual life? For better or worse?

There are a few answers of questions for which I am searching:

How is multiasking changing they way that people funciton in the world?

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